Envision Design Tech Chesapeake



Hall-effect sensors, low drop out regulators, display/motor drivers, USB, power interface products.
Electronic sounding devices, buzzers and transducers, mini speakers, mini microphones, mini and ultra mini speakers, microphones and headsets, battery snaps and holders.
Cosel is one of the world's leading power supply manufacturers offering high-quality, ultra-small size AC-DC power supplies, DC-DC converters, effective and easy-to-use noise filters.
Custom analog/mixed signal ASICs, Arinc 429, 571, 575.
Card Edge, Rack and Panel, USB & Firewire (USB 3.0 A, B, & Micro), Memory Sockets, Video Connectors, RJ45, Mag-Jacks, D-Sub, Waterproof, High-Rel Card Edge, Press Fit/MBB, Hard Metric & EuroDIN, Pin Headers, Cable Assemblies and Custom Connectors.
Timing Devices, Crystals - KHz Tuning Fork, KHz Tuning Fork SMD, AT Cut MHz Crystals, AT Cut MHz Oscillators, TCXO/VC-TCXO, Real Time Clocks, VCSOs, VCXOs, High Speed SAW, OCXO, RbXO, Cesium XO. Sensors, Temperature, Pressure, and Gyro Sensors. Inertial Measurement Unit (IMU) Angular Rate Sensors.
Touch screen of LCD’s, thermal printers, relays, high speed connectors (10GHz).
NANDrive, NANDrive Controller, Flash Memor
Power Solutions for the ITE and medical industry. Offering external power supplies, battery chargers, battery packs and power cords.
Flexible Circuits, Rigid-Flex, and Flex Circuit Assemblies.  
Single layer through 18 layers, Dual or Buried Access, 
Less than 50 microns wide (0.002”). Micro vias 50 microns (0.002”). Copper and Silver shielded circuits,
Beryllium copper and nickel alloys, Planar transformer windings
High performance I.C.s for high voltage power conversion systems used in A.C.-D.C., lighting and gate driver applications.
Microcontrollers, merged ASIC program, CPLD to ASIC program.
Analog Switches & Multiplexers. Capacitors (Aluminum, Ceramic, Film, Silicon, Tantalum) Diodes (Small Signal,
Band Switching, Tuning, RF PIN, Zener, TVS, ESD, Rectifiers). FET’s, Inductors, IR emitters & Modules, IrDA,
LED’s, MOSFETS, Optocouplers, Potentiometers, Resistors (Networks, Discrete, variable) Rheostats,Thermistors.
Precision Thin Film Resistors, Networks, Substrates, Discrete, QPL